Monday, 28 January 2013

welcome to my new blog


so this is post number one on my new blog.
i would like to take this time to welcome you all and invite you to follow me.
it is such a great way of creating new friendships, sharing ideas and learning new things.
i used to blog a while ago and i have really missed being part of it over the last few months so that is
the reason for this.

to begin i would like to show you a little project i made to help the kids to organise their mornings better when school starts in a few days.
we are one of those families that are late to school most mornings and i kind of use the excuse that it is because i have so many children to get ready, but in actual fact it has more to do with me spending a little too much time on the computer in the morning before I get the household ready.
so i guess to be truthful this little project is for me as much as it is for the kids.

my project is a chore chart with a difference.


the idea is that each one of these tasks need to be completed before the tv or computer goes on in the morning.
the chart is pretty self explanatory that the kids can work out what needs to be done even though 2 of them are still learning to read.

the chart has each child's name on the left hand side

across the bottom are all the chores that need completing
once each chore has been done the kids can put on the card that corresponds with the chore.
i laminated the cards and attached some velcro to each one so that it removes easily.
we have been practising over the school holidays and it seems to be working well so far.
on the back of the large poster we have an almost identical chart that is for the after school routine that needs to be done. this includes
-unpack school bag
-put away shoes and socks (i added this one in because without fail the kids walk through the door and dump their shoes and socks in the entry, sand and all!) 
-do homework
-have a shower
-brush teeth
-go to bed (on time)
if all these things are done the kids get to put a star on their rewards chart.
they also have the option of earning extra stars for a few other things and then at the end of the week we tally up their earnings. they have the potential of earning up to $10 each.
i actually saw an example of this chart while watching an episode of super nanny (love that show)
if you have a similar chart that you use in your house, or something completely different i would love to see it so leave me a link to yours in a comment.
until next time,
sherry x


  1. I kove that idea! Your kids have cute names, too :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Hi Sherry,
    thanks for stopping by my page and for the follow. I'm gladly returning the follow.

    I love this idea. Especially that since they're still learning to read, they can still learn the meaning of the pictures.

    I don't have children yet but when I do I want them to learn how to be responsible, not just learn what video games are.

    Looking forward to more of your posts. Welcome back!!

  3. It's so great to see you blogging again Sherry :)
    Love this chart idea. I think I need to start up something like this again for my 12 yr old. She's just started high school and in the last few days has become a real pain in the backside! lol. I've had enough already!!! I know it's just because it's all knew to her and what not, but arrrrrgggghhhh! :D
    Can't wait to


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